Development Purpose and Background

Development Purpose and Background

Goal is to balance infectious disease control and economic activity

Our company has been in business for more than 60 years, mainly designing, manufacturing, and maintaining valves, and has been trusted by steel mills and power plants as a complete shutoff valve that never leaks toxic gases and is friendly to people and the environment.
Based on the mechanical design and manufacturing technologies we have cultivated, we have established the “Environmental Business Department” with the aim of becoming a company that solves social problems.

Background of Development

Nara Medical University, which possesses virus culture technology, was the first in the world to confirm inactivation of novel viruses by ozone exposure. Fujita Medical University has also confirmed that low-concentration ozone gas can inactivate new coronaviruses.
Currently, there are not many ozone devices that can be used in event halls, large halls, conference rooms, cruise ships, schools, and other flexible places.
After the development of Jet Fujin, we also confirmed the sterilizing effect of ozone gas on new corona viruses and general bacteria through joint research with universities.

Development Objectives

Disinfection work in places where many people congregate is very labor intensive and needs to be made more efficient as soon as possible. To solve this problem, we have developed an ozone generator, jet stream, air purification, and ventilation system with the goal of safety and security.
The “Jet Fujin” has a simple structure, and can sterilize not only a room space but also every corner of the room from the floor to the wall surface by fluid agitation with jets of ozone.


The “Jet Fujin” can automatically control the operation of the optimum ozone jetting system in a safety-first manner, thus significantly improving labor costs and power consumption.
By utilizing this ozone jetting and jetting system as a quarantine device for new coronaviruses and other viruses, we aim to create a world where economic activities can be restored to their former state and people can live in peace. As a simple, safe, and reliable device, it can be applied in many fields.

JET FUJIN About the subject

Isolated private rooms in hospitals
Ozone sterilization of rooms after discharge from hospital and improvement of ventilation efficiency

Event venues, meeting rooms, gymnasiums, cruise ships, airports, etc.
Ozone sterilization and improved ventilation efficiency after the event

Various others, schools, etc.
Improved air purification and ventilation by jet stream system, etc.