Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Expected effects of the “JET FUJIN” jet/ventilator control system

  • Ozone is added to a turbulence-mixed jet stream, enabling sterilization and virus inactivation by ozone throughout the room, from the floor to the corners of the room.
  • In the sterilization mode, the ozone jetting time is set, and when it starts, the room is filled with ozone. After the set time, the ozone generation automatically stops and the ventilation mode is activated, and the ozone is reduced to oxygen for a certain period of time and then automatically stops.
  • The “JET FUJIN” is equipped with casters and can be easily moved from place to place.
  • The “JET FUJIN Large Scale” provides ozone and ventilation by attaching a hose to areas that cannot be moved.
  • No toxic NOx gas is generated, making it environmentally friendly, and the ozone jet sterilizes not only spaces but also floors and walls.

What is a jet stream

JET FUJIN What is a jet stream

Based on the coanda effect, the air taken in is drawn in from the surrounding air and the discharge volume is doubled, thereby efficiently filling the room with ozone.
In addition, Jet Fujin has a diffusion effect not in a straight line but in many directions by mixing turbulence.

JET FUJIN nozzle

PIV images and data from the Nagasaki Industrial Technology Center confirm that turbulent mixing is occurring at the outlet.

  • average speed:10.2[m/s]
  • standard deviation:3.5[m/s]

JET FUJIN large hose blowout

JET FUJIN large hose blowout

JET FUJIN large-size ozone sterilizer can be used for sterilization of places that cannot be moved with a 10-meter hose. It can also be used for sterilization of trains, buses, cabs, etc. with a simple operation.

Product Specifications

JET FUJIN large size
JET FUJIN small size
Model nameJet Fujin Small sizeJet Fujin Large size
blower0.125kw×2P/1φ×AC100V0.4kw×2P/3φ×AC200V(AC100VConversion Specifications)
Ozone lamp35W65W
Airflow rate controlNone3 levels: high, medium, low
Jet streamer wind speed
approximately10m/secAirflow rate[high]setting approximately16m/sec
Jet streamer Exhaust Airflowapproximately300m3/h[high]approximately450m3/h [medium]approximately300m3/h [low]approximately150m3/h
Jet streamer part(W)530mm
Hose connection(W)853 mm
Main unit weight38kg67kg(Excluding hose weight)
blowingJet streamerJet streamer, floors, hoses

※As a rule, the system is unattended due to the high ozone concentration.

JET FUJIN Introduction Video [Japanese only]